Portable space heaters are designed to efficiently heat a particular area such as an office or living quarters with the convenience of mobility. Central heating can be costly and often inadequate. This is where portable space heaters save the day. Avoid the cold while watching TV in you living room then simply relocate your space heater to another room for a warm and comfortable environment. They can also be used in addition to home heating systems to increase a room's temperature efficiently without incurring a whole lot in expenses.

Portable space heaters can vary as to their power supply, capacity to heat, and how they function.

Space heaters can be powered via electricity, natural gas, or propane. Gas style models are usually more cost effective to operate, yet electric models avoid any risk of fumes and can be quite convenient. Electric models are also usually more portable because they do not require a connection to a natural gas line.

Common capacities consist of 10,000 Btu all the way to 40,000Btu.

Space heaters can function either by convection or infrared. Infrared works by heating objects directly while convection disperses heated air throughout a room commonly with the use of a fan. Infrared portable space heaters usually are more idealistic for heating smaller areas for shorter periods without using as much energy as a convection unit. Convection units work better for larger areas because they are not limited to an infrared line of sight. And, they are more efficient in maintaining temperatures for longer periods of time.

Another varying aspect about portable space heaters is their venting mechanisms. A space heater can either be unvented, vented, or vent free. Unvented models use in room air to create heat and also emit air as a byproduct within the room. Vented models are usually more efficient and safe because they sent this byproduct air outside as well as use outdoor air to heat. However, these units should be located near an outer wall to connect the venting ducts easily. For vented models, sealed combustion heaters are usually the best because they have improved air quality.

Stay warm this year with a portable space heater!