Electric space heaters are an effective means of achieving a warmer, more comfortable environment. They can be used alone or in addition to another heating system and are highly portable compared to other models. All they need is an electric outlet. For those without existing natural gas lines, this can be necessary. In addition, you can move an electric space heater from room to room without much effort.

Electric space heaters can function either by infrared or convection. Infrared units are great for smaller areas. They can efficiently heat a room without utilizing much energy. They operate by heating particular objects in a room within their line of sight. Convection units heat a particular item such as a liquid and then use a fan to blow the heated air into the room. Oil is common and usually quite effective for these types of units. However, the liquid can vary from model to model.

Electric models embody the advantage of improved air quality compared to gas powered units. They do not run the risk of emitting hazardous fumes. Electric space heaters might cost a little more to operate over time, but the safety gained can be very beneficial and offer an extra peace of mind. They also more self efficient in so far as they do not require as much maintenance.

Safety is always a key element when it comes with space heaters. Electric models do no have an open flame or anything of the sort so they can be safer if the proper preventative measures are taken in advance. It is important not to locate the heater near other objects. Do not leave your residence and forget to turn the heater off. And, of course consider a model with additional safety systems such as a timer and sensor that cease operation if the machine has been running too long or an object is too close. Another common safety mechanism for electric heaters is an automatic operation cease function if the unit is accidentally tipped over. All of these are huge and extremely necessary precautions that can effectively minimize any risk.

Consumers should also note that electric space heaters need to be plugged directly into a wall outlet or connected via a heavy duty extension cord.

If used properly, an electric space heater can be an efficient, safe, and economical way of living comfortably throughout the winter months. Find a model that works best for you today!